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Comments from previous regular events.  

Satisfaction survey - post conferenceSatisfaction survey - post conference

“Most informative USEFUL set of lectures that I have attended during my 37 year career. Every one highly relevant to the work we do year round; sorry I missed water purification & a couple of other short pm sessions. Mornings flew by because all speakers were engaging & relevant plus well qualified/well chosen for the lecture that they presented. Particularly enjoyed the diving maladies Power Point, as a lifelong scuba diver these are difficult concepts to present & I know that many EMS practitioners don't admit how poorly informed they are or how thoroughly they comprehend the differences between DCS & AGE. WELL DONE TO ALL PRESENTERS. “

“The conference was a really great experience and I think it went relatively well for being the first one. I look forward to coming back next year. Thank you all for working hard to put this conference on! “

“For a first time conference, I thought it was very well done! Excellent job all round!! I look forward to next year. “

“Thanks guys!! “