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Costs for the 2021 conference have not been determined. 

Each workshop will require participants to have a number of pre-purchased items to be used during the workshop.  Many items will already be apart of your wilderness gear, some items may be new and will need to be purchased by you prior to the conference.  A "kit list" will be included with your registration (when it opens)


For our regular event, a 2 day conference, registration fee is $200.  Additional costs may be applied for workshops that require specialized equipment, learning materials or instructors.  Registration fees include entrance to the 2 day event, registration package, access to our partner hall, one coffee service and one meal (breakfast or lunch) per day.  


Accreditation fees may be applied for individuals seeking CME.  Costs for obtaining accreditation will be passed on to participants who need specific CME credits.  These costs will vary depending on the specific accreditation desired.  Accreditation is provided via the Canadian Association of Wilderness Medicine.