Is there accommodation available at the conference?

Yes, there are a limited number of rooms set aside at the Bow View Lodge (part of the BPL).  To make (and change) reservations contact the Banff Park Lodge and let them know that you are part of the conference group. Call them at 1-855-516-1090.

Who can attend?

Anyone who provides care medical care in the austere environment. EMR, EMT-A, EMT-P, PCP, ACP, CCP, RN, LPN, MD, Ski patrol, ACMG, SAR, Police, Firefighter (urban or wildland), WEMT, WFR, OFA.

Will this provide me with continuing education credits?

The Alberta College of Paramedics will award max 30credits for conference with extra available for pre-conference “slope rescue”.

What topics will be covered?

Please see the schedule for up-to-date listings. General topics may include:

  • heat/cold related emergencies,
  • wilderness survival,
  • water purification,
  • wound care,
  • improvised splints and bandages,
  • submersion/immersion,
  • dive medicine,
  • mass casualty incidents,
  • disaster and humanitarian medicine,
  • wound care,
  • avalanche rescue,
  • improvised rescue,
  • weather,
  • land navigation,
  • eye emergencies,
  • envenomation / toxicology,
  • travel medicine,
  • search and rescue organization,
  • altitude illness.

What is the difference between the workshops and the morning sessions?

The conference is broken into two parts. Morning plenary sessions are for all conference participants and are 45 minute lecture style events. New concepts, novel ideas and current standards may be discussed.  The afternoons include smaller workshops of usually no more than 20 people.   All workshops are intended to take place in the outdoors.  Each day participants can choose multiple one hour sessions or a single multiple (3+) hour event.  Some workshops may have additional cost involved.

What should I wear to the conference? Do I need to bring anything in particular?

Casual is the order of the day.  Morning plenary lectures are indoors.  All workshops are designed to be held outdoors.  Please be prepared for all weather.  Specific workshops may require additional technical equipment that may have to be rented if not owned by participants.

Will the conference be held inside or outside?

Morning lectures are indoors at the Banff Park Lodge.  All workshops are intended to be held outside.  Please come prepared.

Are meals provided?

Breakfast both mornings will be provided as well as coffee service in the AM.  Lunch and afternoon breaks will not be provided.

Are discounts available?

Members of the Alberta Paramedic Association are entitled to a $15 discount.

What if I wish to change my workshop?

Many workshops have a maximum number of participants (20).  Arrangements may be possible to switch to another workshop.   Sold out sessions will be difficult to switch into.   Please contact us if you wish to switch.