2021 Proposed Speakers & Faculty

Read below to learn more about our content experts joining us next year (2021)

Rachel Jamieson is an Advanced Care Paramedic working full time in rural southern Alberta and a Lead Instructor with Wilderness Medical Associates. Rachel developed a keen interest in wilderness and remote medicine when working professionally as a whitewater guide throughout both Canada and the US. Rachel began teaching with WMA International in 2004, and currently teaches advanced level courses included WALS, WEMS, and Wilderness Medical Electives. Rachel is a faculty member with WMA International. Her passion in Wilderness Medicine has taken her to remote northern communities in Canada to assist with course delivery and curriculum development. She also has worked internationally assisting in the development of WMA China.  

Still Ticked Off: Lyme Disease and Other Nasty Tick Infections in Canada

Hypothermia Wraps: take some dedicated time to review hypothermia. We will focus on an improvised treatment that can be built out of supplies that most will have available (or should plan to have available ) when adventuring. This will be a hands-on workshop with opportunity for small group simulations.  

Wilderness Assessments: learn how to assess a patient when resources are significantly limited and the weather may or may not be favorable. This is a valuable workshop for anyone travelling or playing in austere environments when help is not easily accessible.
Meet the Faculty:

Lisa Paulson
Parks Canada Visitor Safety Specialist – Banff, Yoho, Kootenay National Parks
UIAGM/ACMG Mountain Guide, CAA Professional Member, PCP, BSc.

For the past 26 years, Lisa has worked in mountain and water rescue throughout the mountain national parks. She currently enjoys working with her Banff team where they receive approximately 300 calls per year. She has always had a keen interest in optimizing all aspects patient care and transport. She founded and is the Chair of the Canadian Mountain Park Backcountry Medical Council. Lisa lives in Banff with her young family.
Terry Willis ACP

Terry is a full time law enforcement Warden in Banff National Park and an Advanced Care Paramedic with Banff EMS. Terry graduated from the SAIT outreach program as an EMT-P in 2004. He has worked in many roles within Parks Canada including being member of the Canadian Avalanche Association, Wilderness Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire-Fighting and Law Enforcement. 

Peter Symons EMT-P

Peter has been teaching wilderness first aid to Parks Canada Warden Service for almost 30yrs. Once the owner of Jasper ambulance providing some of the first ALS care in the region, Peter now has retired from the streets but still teaches with the Heart and Stroke providing instruction and developing content for ACLS and more. ACLS and ACLS-EP Instructor/Instructor Trainer, ITLS Instructor/Instructor Trainer, Instructor Wilderness Emergency Care Course. EMS Exemplary Service Medal.

Peter is also has authored and lectured for ITLS on hypothermia and has been instrumental in the development of the “duty to respond course” , plus developing the AHSEMS hypothermia management guidelines.

Session Title: What to put in your medical kit and how to use it.
Mac Wardle, ACP, DiMM

Advanced Care Paramedic with Banff EMS and Senior Ski Patroller for Winsport Canada Olympic Park. Candidate for the Diploma in Mountain Medicine and Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine through the WMS. Mack is an avid outdoors enthusiast whom has a passion for austere environment patient care and education. Enthusiast of mountain biking, backcountry travel, climbing, skiing, and outdoor survival. Mack believes in always being prepared for your environment. 
Craig McArthur ACP, DiMM

Craig is a full time Paramedic with Banff EMS and one of the first paramedics in Canada to complete his Diploma in Mountain Medicine with the Wilderness Medical Society. He has lectured and facilitated workshops for the past 5 years. His most recent exploits found him trekking Nepal with the father of wilderness medicine Dr. Paul Auerbach and Everest ER founder Dr. Luanne Freer. Craig is our resident expert on frostbite and water purification.