Introduction to traditional Blackfoot medicine workshop

June 8th, 2018.  2:00-4:30pm

Banff Park Lodge, 222 Lynx St. Banff, AB

Tickets $30


Since time immemorial, the Blackfoot people have resided in the Southern Alberta, Montana and the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. The traditional territory of the Blackfoot provided not only food and shelter but medicines and places of healing and ceremony. With colonization and loss of the buffalo, the Blackfoot people were displaced to reservations. However, we continued our ceremonies, practices and harvesting of plants and medicines. Today western society is seeing the value of traditional knowledge as a method to heal people in a holistic way. Treffrey will provide an overview of our traditional practices and ceremonies and how they are important to the overall health of an individual.

The Banff Wilderness Care Conference has asked Mr. Deerfoot to facilitate this amazing workshop prior to the 2018 Conference. In an attempt to include as many practitioners as possible we have decided to offer this workshop as a stand alone event from the conference. The workshop is intended for first responders, nurses, physicians and allied health professionals who wish to better understand a first nations perspective of health care. The oral traditions of our indigenous people are not published in peer review journals and must be told from generation to generation. Treffery is providing an opportunity for participants to begin their journey along this ancient path of healing.

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